Our lap lanes are very popular and may have to be shared during busy times. Busy times generally start at the 3:00 pm break and continue until 6:30 pm. There is a 30 minute limit to using the lap lane when others are waiting.

Lap Swimming Policies:
– Lanes are available on a first-come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved.
– Lanes are available to any member of any age and at any time, as long as they are swimming laps. The exception is during adult swim, where anyone under 16 is not permitted in the pool.
– Private lessons, either for developmental or competitive improvements, can use lap lanes during open times of operation.
– During times of increased lap swimming interest, everyone must be willing to accommodate others. This includes being able to swim with up to three people and/or “circle swim,” as well as sharing a lane with an ongoing private lesson. Those not willing to abide by this guidance should vacate their lane and choose to swim at a less busy time.

Suggestions for Sharing Lanes
– If sharing a lane, look for and use the lane where others are swimming at about your speed.
– When two swimmers are sharing a lane, each can use one side of the lane.
– If more than two swimmers are using a lane, take the circle approach to swimming, staying to right side of the black line both up and back.
– If you are tapped on the foot, someone may be trying to signal to pass.
– Stop at the wall to let faster swimmers pass.