Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons:

Group Swim Lessons are a great way for children to learn to swim while enjoying the camaraderie of making new friends.

Our Swim Team Coaches will teach classes for Newbies, Beginners, and Advanced Beginners. The program will teach students to be comfortable and safe in the water, and instill an enjoyment of swimming. Basic swimming skills are taught through demonstration, practice, and games.

To register for classes, please complete the Registration Form at the Guard Desk.

**Please stay tuned for the 2021 sessions that will be offered.**

*Friday is reserved for a make-up class if a class is canceled due to weather.

​There will be at least one instructor for every 4 children, and classes will be no larger than 8 students.

The cost is $100 per student per session. 


Child has never had lessons before. Class teaches child to be comfortable and safe in the water. Will learn to put face in the water, open eyes underwater, submerge, blow bubbles, control breathing, float and glide. Will learn kicking and arm movements for freestyle. Must be at least 3 years.


Child is comfortable in the water but has not taken lessons or needs formal instruction in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Class teaches correct body position, kick and arm movements and breathing technique. Will learn to tread water

Advanced Beginner

Child is confident in the water and knows freestyle and backstroke basics but technique needs improvement. Will learn proper technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke in preparation for joining the swim team. Butterfly will be introduced. Will develop deep water skills including treading water, swimming underwater and diving into the pool.

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons will be offered by our Lifeguards and Swim Team Coaches. The program will provide focused one-on-one instruction and parent choice of instructor. A list of instructors and telephone numbers is posted on the bulletin board above the drinking fountain to help parents identify and select the instructor of their choice. Parents will make arrangements and payments directly with the instructor. Costs are expected to range from $15 to $35 per 30-minute private lesson –depending on the credentials/experience of the instructor. Private lessons for beginners between 11:30 AM and 12:00 noon on weekdays between June 14 and July 26. This timeslot is reserved strictly for learn-to-swim instruction, not for fine-tuning of those who already know how to swim.

​For swimmers of all abilities, parents can schedule private lessons for any other time during normal pool operating hours.  To make the most of your private lesson it is best to avoid crowded conditions and distractions which is typically 3:30-6:30 daily. All evenings 6:30-8:00 are typically very quiet, as are weekend mornings when there is not a home swim meet.

As always, lessons conducted for a fee may only be conducted by someone from our Lifeguard and Coaching staff. Any other lessons for a fee are prohibited at our pool.