Court reservation:

  • Courts must be reserved through the online reservation system, and may be reserved only by members.  Playbypoint is a free reservation system compatible on both desktop/laptop and mobile devices to reserve court time. Link to register and reserve courts:
  • If you are not going to play during your reserved time, please cancel your reservation as soon as you know, so others may reserve and use the court. If a person who reserved a court doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the reservation will be considered canceled.
  • Parents of young children without phones should reserve courts for their kids. The front desk (when pool is operational) may be able to help with access to the website.
  • Maximum reservation time limits are 90 minutes for tennis, 60 minutes for pickleball, and 30 minutes for basketball. If a set is near completion, the players may, with the permission of those waiting to play, finish the set.
  • Courts are sometimes reserved for scheduled tennis programs (classes, tournaments, league matches), and front courts may be closed during swim meets. Information on clinics and league matches is generally included in the PTY link below, and often shared in newsletters.  Please contact the Tennis Chair with any questions.
  • Call 301-887-3116, or email with any technical questions on reserving courts.