Court maintenance, rules and etiquette:

Court maintenance: The court facilities should be treated with care and kept clean. Players and observers should leave with everything they brought with them into the court area. There are trash and recycling containers located outside the front and rear courts.  Please use the tennis ball recycling container at the entrance to the front and rear courts for old tennis balls.  Brush and squeegee brooms are available at the front and rear courts – feel free to use them to sweep or dry the courts, and place them back on the fence. The last player off the court is responsible for locking the gate.

Rules & etiquette: Only smooth-soled tennis shoes are permitted on the courts. Pets are not permitted on the courts at any time. Bikes, roller skates, roller blades, hockey and skate boards are not allowed on the courts at any time. With the exception of water/sports drinks and dry snacks that may be consumed during breaks in play, food and drinks are not allowed on the courts. Refrain from being too loud while using the courts, as it distracts players on other courts. While children may use the courts, parents are responsible at all times for their children’s safety while on the court.

For tennis play: All players and spectators are expected to observe tennis etiquette.  In retrieving balls or crossing courts, players will wait for a break in play.  Children will not be permitted to disturb players by walking onto or crossing a court during play or being loud on the courts.