Tennis programs (group clinics, private groups, private lessons):

HMSTC partners with ProToYou (PTY) to provide a high-quality tennis programs for kids and adults at all levels.  Registration for group clinics and summer camps are open to both members and non-members.  Each program has separate links to register for members and non-members.  Summer MVCT junior tennis league (through JTT), and private lessons are open to members only.  If you wish to join a program but cannot attend the entire season or want to drop in for some classes, or if you have any questions about the right program for you, please contact ProsToYou (info below) to request help.  You can also meet with the assigned coaches on the court at a time that works for them.

Programs typically run for 6-10 weeks during Spring, Summer and Fall. See below for brief description of the programs offered, and click on the PTY link below for more detailed information on offerings for the current or next season:

  • Clinics for juniors and adults run from mid-June to mid-August, but your registration may be prorated if you cannot attend all weeks.
  • Live Ball for adults is a high-energy session with continuous play, focusing on fitness, fun and action, while improving all round technique.
  • Summer Camps for kids 4-15 are available with half-day and full-day sessions. This is a great way to introduce your kid to tennis, pickleball & basketball, keep them active while making friends through the summer while enjoying a multi-sport experience, including time in the pool. Kids in swim team may also register for tennis summer camp, and the coaches will ensure that they get to swim practice at the designated time and come back for the rest of the camp session.

Registration for camps is done per week – select the weeks in summer that suit your schedule.

  • Junior team tennis (JTT): This is a 6-week program for intermediate to advanced players aged 10 to 18, for HMSTC members only. It includes practices twice a week and participation in the Mount Vernon Community Tennis (MVCT) league, playing matches against the other swim & tennis clubs in the Mount Vernon area.

 Matches typically are held on Sundays at 5PM and Wednesdays at 8:30AM, with PTY coaches selecting players for the roster each week.  While match time is not guaranteed, and based on skill level and availability of players, often less advanced players get opportunities to play exhibition matches if both teams agree on the lineup.  Matches have a total of nine lines: U12 boys singles, girls’ singles, doubles (boys or girls), and similarly for U14 and U18.

This league is a great opportunity for kids to experience competitive play, represent HMSTC, build team spirit, meet kids from other clubs, and have fun.  The overall program greatly helps improve the technical skills and mental strength in playing matches and builds the platform for kids to potentially play tennis in high school and beyond.  Practice times will be coordinated with swim practice schedule for kids also doing swim team.  Registration link is listed below.  Contact PTY with questions on registration and coaching, but for any questions about the MVCT league, please contact the HMSTC Chair at

  • Registration link for all programs: Hollin Meadows – ProsToYou Tennis. This link will always have current information on tennis programs and is also accessed from the Tennis tab of the HMSTC website.
  • Contact info: For questions on clinics and camps and registration, please contact PTY at 301-887-3116, or PTY’s HMSTC Director Angela Davis (